World class electronic procurement system using world bank approved open contracting data standard (OCDS) model

What is e-Procurement?

e-Procurement or e-Government procurement (e-GP) is defined as the collaborative use of ingormation and communication technologies in conducting ethical procurement activities ensuring good governance and value for money in public procurement.

Benefits of e-Procurement

The system will lead to improved management of government procurement processes, thereby ensuring transparency, monitoring, control, fair selection of bidders, reduced cost of transactions and increased efficience among other benefits.

The open contracting data standard (OCDS) model

The OCDS is a data standard that has been designed to facilitate publication and analysis of data and documents related to all stages of a contracting process.
By including the OCDS in e-GP it will become more transparent and facilitate business intelligence, analysis, data sharing, and monitoring that will to improve value for money, integrity, fairness and performance of public contracts.

e-Procurement stakeholders

Our e-Procurement system has the following accounts for different users categories:
1. Procurement entity account (Ministries, Departments & Agencies)
2. Economic operators (Contractors, Suppliers & Consultants)
3. Sponsors & Partners
4. Civil society and general public


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